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By madeleineanderson, Jun 15 2012 01:42PM

At last, I've managed to finish my first non-commissioned piece. MINE ALL MINE! When I say mine, it is in fact for sale. There is a matching one to come. £300 for one, £500 for the pair. Traditionally upholstered and covered with 'Icelandic Poppy" by G P & J BAKER, a stunning velvet. Feel free to use the contact page to arange viewing.

By madeleineanderson, May 2 2012 12:58PM

Recently I was given a 'rocking box' to cover. It wasn't until two days before I started work on it that I descovered it was a hand made copy of French designer, Alban sébastien Gilles' 'Neo' chair, sold at Heal's. Not my usual restoration job but a very rewarding project to have been involved with.

By madeleineanderson, Feb 7 2012 08:32PM

I've been waiting for a year and a half for the studio manager to realise he wanted me to have this chair all along! It will have to wait a bit longer before it gets a face lift, I'm up to my eyeballs in work at the moment. Watch this space....

By madeleineanderson, Feb 1 2012 06:07PM

50p a heel, bargain! Might have to use these for the feet on a footstool....