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Types of furniture undertaken include:-



* Dining chairs with drop-in or pin-stuffed seat

* Sprung dining chairs

* fire side or nursing chairs

* wing chairs

* traditional / antique armchairs

* foot stools & piano stools

* ottoman

* head boards and changing screens

* chaise longue



In some cases a chair will need to be stripped right down to the frame. Depending on the type of chair it may need between four and 10 layers of stuffing for each surface (back, arms and seat). A traditional chair (pre 1950) may include the following layers:-



* webbing

* springs

* tarpaulin hessian

* coir (coconut fibre)

* loose weave hessian

* soft animal hair

* cotton flock/felt

* calico

* polyester wadding

* top layer upholstery fabric



In many cases the original stuffing can be reused and all that is needed is to remove the old fabric and recover with new. This will reduce the time a piece takes to complete considerably.



Repairs to the frame and stripping, staining, waxing and polishing of woodwork will also be undertaken.



Other techniques provided are shallow and deep buttoning.



I specialize in traditional and antique furniture and enjoy working with modern pieces too.



I take pride in offering each client a personal and individual service. Whether your furniture is in need of full restoration or just a new top cover it would be my pleasure to advise or discuss your requirements. feel free to contact me via the 'contact' page .....